An Open Letter on Behalf of Photographers and Media – Photography Article

Dear Live Nation, This is an open letter to your company regarding the increasingly poor treatment of media and credentialed photographers. I have been shooting concerts for approaching 10 years now, and I have watched the change and decline in how media and photo passes are handled for concerts over the years, so I want to outline this change and explain the extremely frustrating situation I recently experienced at one of your venues. Let’s rewind to 2010 when I was…

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How I Got Outsmarted by a Kid with an Umbrella – Photography Article

I’m an experienced concert photographer. From the largest stadiums to the smallest, dirtiest night clubs, I’ve photographed thousands of bands and seen it all. I’m damned confident in my ability to anticipate the shot and be in the right place at the right time. Or, at least I was until last Saturday night. I was out to shoot the Beck and Cage the Elephant show at the Dos Equis Pavilion in south Dallas. Dos Equis is an outdoor amphitheater, with…

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Tips from a Pro Music Photographer – Photography Article

I am writing this concert photography guide in response to several ‘How to’ guides I have seen online that don’t quite hit the mark on how to take great live concert photographs. Most of the articles focus too much on the obvious, like concerts are dark and avoid things in your way (like mic stands and such). Personally, I think it is a bit patronizing to suggest that you are letting the photographer in on the ‘professional secrets’ if it…

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