How I Shot a Concept Photo of an Organ Market – Photography Article

A surgeon at a meat market. It’s an absolutely simple yet ridiculous idea, so it had to be done for real! China has been harvesting organs from detainees, so maybe this absurd project of mine isn’t so far from the truth! I am very lucky to have so many great friends with massive storage units of strange stuff that they are willing to lend me. I remembered that one of my friends had a stretcher, so I only needed a…

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Photos of the Border Between Childhood and Adulthood – Photography Article

Grown is a new photo series by Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Sebastian Baumann that “examines the border between childhood and adulthood — if there is any.” “Each picture depicts physically grown individuals within a moment of sudden subconscious, almost apathetic, reflection,” Baumann says. In each photo, the grown up is seen lost in thought with the toys and imagination-filled play of their childhood. “What becomes of early dreams, hopes and fears once we grow up?” Baumann asks. You can find more…

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