Conceptual Advertising Image Photoshop Walkthrough – Photography Article

In this composite walkthrough, I take you through the various processes it took to create this advertising image. Throughout the video, you will hear my thoughts and why I decided on certain aspects. My main thought when creating this image, was how can I add my own style and flavor to a product shot? How can I showcase something that will make any viewer stop and stare? For me, this usually comes down to story and lots of elements for my eye…

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It’s OK to Make a Fake Photo, Just Don’t Be Fake About It – Photography Article

You hear it all the time from photographers across the entire range of experience: “I don’t Photoshop my photos.” That photographer is most likely afraid of Photoshop or afraid to disclose that they Photoshop images, and so instead they wrap themselves in this puritanical line as cover. Don’t fall for it. I use the term Photoshop in the sense of any photo editor, whether it’s Capture One, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, or whatever you use. Somewhere along the way, it’s probably…

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