Sony Unveils RX100 VII with 90fps Bursts and a9-Level AF Performance – Photography Article

Sony has just unveiled the RX100 Mark VII, and the latest iteration of their popular, powerful point-and-shoot camera is a veritable speed demon. Thanks to a new sensor, the RX100 VII can shoot at 20fps with no blackout and full AF/AE, can perform 90fps bursts with AF/AE locked, and promises Sony a9 level autofocus performance. On the surface, the Sony RX100 VII looks the same as the previous iteration. It features the same 24-200mm f/2.8-f/4.5 zoom lens, the same pop-up…

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Canon is Crowdfunding a ‘Clippable’ Camera Through Indiegogo – Photography Article

Canon took the photography world by surprise this week when the imaging giant announced that it would try to fund one of its upcoming cameras through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The mysterious IVY REC will be a “clippable, go anywhere camera” that Canon has deemed interesting enough to try, but not necessarily promising enough to pay for ahead of time. Details about the upcoming campaign are sparse. For now, the only info available on the IVY REC exists on an…

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