‘Piggybacking’ is the New Normal in Commercial Photography – Photography Article

After completing my degree in still photography at RIT, I grew up in NYC working in the motion world as a production assistant. My plan was to eventually direct TV spots, but I wanted to garner a solid background in the art of lighting from the still world first. Also, having experienced the hierarchy in the TV commercial world first hand, I came to the conclusion that I was better off continuing in stills knowing that one day, I could…

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10 Dirty Little Secrets of the Commercial Photography Industry – Photography Article

In an industry that’s overcrowded with photographers trying to get a piece of the client pie, commercial photography has an irresistible allure, especially to those new to the industry. Social media fails to show the full picture of what goes on behind the scenes, and photographers rarely talk about the many downfalls of being a commercial photographer. In this article, I get (super) real about what some of those downfalls are. #1. On set, you are often just a means…

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