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500px Blog » 8 tips for artsy photos that sell – Photography Article

In 1975, Richard Avedon opened an exhibition of 100 photographs at Marlborough Gallery on 57th Street in New York City. The public wondered and speculated — would he leave behind his lucrative career as a commercial photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to pursue art full-time? The answer, of course, was no. Avedon would continue to pursue both fine art and commercial photography. “I would never not want to be a fashion photographer,” he told The New York Times just…

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500px Blog » 9 post-processing steps you need to add to your workflow – Photography Article

According to a recent survey, professional wedding photographers, on average, spend just 4% of their time taking pictures. Editing, by contrast, eats up a whopping 77% of their time. While this survey only covers wedding photography, it does give us an idea of the importance of post-production in today’s market. When it comes to commercial photography, high-quality post-processing is essential. 500px Licensing Contributors sell their photos to companies and publications all over the world, and for top-earners, basic editing skills…

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500px Blog » Understanding the differences between commercial & editorial photography – Photography Article

Main photo: Vicente Concha Like you, we’re passionate about photography and want to find a place for every photo in our collection. So, in an effort to remove any guesswork on your part, we’re going to take a second to lay out some guidelines and simplify the submission process. One of the most common points photographers struggle with is understanding the difference between commercial and editorial photos—more specifically, what content is considered safe for commercial uses, and what is restricted…

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