Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists Prove that Nature Has a Sense of Humor – Photography Article

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards just revealed this year’s finalists. And, as always, they offer a bit of comic relief, and the reminder that nature is occasionally as funny as it is ruthless… especially if you anthropomorphize it a tiny bit. This year’s finalists run the gamut: from the a fox who seems to be performing a proctology exam, to a deer experimenting with camouflage, to a grizzly bear who’s destined to become the next popular facepalm meme. The awards…

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This Guy Created a ‘Tazer Camera’ that Electrocutes His Subjects – Photography Article

The Internet is a strange place… and YouTuber Michael Reeves is doing nothing to dissuade us of the fact. The developer, who likes to tinker with and alter electronics on his channel, recently decided to create a “tazer camera” that will electrocute willing subjects the moment he presses the shutter. Editor’s Note: The video above contains strong language. The conceit behind this odd invention is that Reeves is short, and while he doesn’t mind this most of the time, he…

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Nate Bargatze: Creativity, Comedy + Never Settling – Photography Article

Today on the show we have one of my favorite comedians, Nate Bargatze. If you’re not aware of Nate’s work, consider this intro a gift – he’s on a rocket ship right now, one of the top up-and-coming comics in the game. After listening to our conversation here, you’ll want to check out his brand new NetFlix special that just dropped. He’s laugh-out-loud funny and simultaneously has great insight around following dreams and creating success rather than hoping it “happens.”…

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