This Interactive Online Color Wheel Will Help You Understand Color Theory – Photography Article

The folks over at Canva have put together a fun, interactive Color Wheel tool that might just be the easiest, most enjoyable way way to play around with and learn about color theory. Canva is an online tool/service that uses a drag-and-drop interface to help beginners create professional looking designs. As such, the color wheel they’ve created is actually meant for designers, but that doesn’t mean photographers can’t use it to learn about color theory as well. As we’ve pointed…

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The Power of Color in Landscape Photography – Photography Article

Color is so important in landscape photography. The correct harmony of colors can make a huge difference to an image and help to create your own style. In this 20-minute video, I talk about how I create a painterly look in my photos and how I edit in Lightroom. One of the most powerful ways to improve your photos is to consider how colors in your image relate to each other and to think about how you can edit the…

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