Creative Photo Challenge: Printing on Alternative Surfaces – Photography Article

Transferring your images to an alternative surface allows you to preserve your image in a unique and lasting way. The alternative surface also adds a layer of depth and uniqueness to an image that makes it timeless. In our next Creative Photo Challenge, Lindsay will create a photo transfer on to stone, walking you through each step of the process. Get Challenge No. 9  – Printing on Alternative Surfaces, right here. Printing on an alternative surface gives you the ability to…

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Creative Photo Challenge No. 7 – Collage Portrait – Photography Article

We all need fresh ways of exploring the same creative outlet. New angles, inspiration or even a completely new way to compose and construct a final image. Its this newness that keeps us inspired, on our toes, and ultimately (and hopefully) doing our best work. For this next round of the Creative Photo Challenge – we are pushing the envelope and asking you to do the same. By combining multiple images, angles and maybe even camera settings from multiple images…

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