Photographer Using Drone Spots Shark Approaching His Family – Photography Article

During a family outing to the beach last week, photographer Dan Watson decided to take his drone up for a little aerial photography practice—and it’s a good thing he did. While framing up a photo of his family splashing around near the shore, he spotted a large shadow swimming right towards them. It only took him a split second to realize that the shadow was a shark, and start yelling for his family to get out of the water. All…

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Dallas Photojournalist Snaps Photo of Gunman From Just Feet Away – Photography Article

[youtube] A gunman was shot dead by police in downtown Dallas yesterday morning after opening fire outside a federal building. Veteran photojournalist Tom Fox was on the block when the shooting started, and he managed to bravely capture a photo of the masked man staring down the sidewalk into his camera. The Dallas Morning News reports that Fox, a photographer with the paper for nearly 3 decades, was waiting to enter the Earle Cabell Federal Building to cover a…

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