Drones and Christmas Trees – Velocity Aerial – Aerial Photography Article

14 Dec Drones and Christmas Trees Christmas time is here and this year, when you are looking at your Christmas tree in awe, we hope you think about the drones. Drones have the potential to revolutionize the nursery industry and that’s where many Christmas drones are produced. As labor continues to be the number one challenge for nursery growers, any potential for automation should be considered. Labor shortage isn’t the only problem presenting itself in the agriculture industry: agriculture businesses…

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Drones for Christmas | V-Drone | New Orleans, LA – Aerial Photography Article

30 Nov Drones for Christmas | V-Drone | New Orleans, LA It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s looking like are all getting a dose of drones for Christmas! Everyone’s eyes are on Madison Square Garden during the Holiday season. This year,  Intel’s Shooting Star drones will join the Radio City Rockettes for the finale of its annual Christmas Spectacular at Radio City. These drones won’t be filming but creating a light show over the stage, using…

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