Boadas cocktail bar – Barcelona – Black & White Photography Article

Boadas cocktail bar – Barcelona Boadas cocktail bar – Barcelona – Vincent de Groot Like this:Like Loading… Related Post navigation This website uses cookies and 3rd party services to improve… This is only a snippet of a Black and White Photography Article written by Vincent de Groot Read Full Article

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When You Ask a Photographer Friend to Babysit Your Cat… – Photography Article

Photographer and actor Josell Mariano recently had a friend ask him to babysit her beloved cat, Jade. He decided to use his time with the blue tabby cat to do a photoshoot. “If I babysit the cat for more than 3 days, the photos just happen,” Mariano says. “Here’s her face when she takes a s**t,” Mariano says. Mariano shot portraits of Jade with a single strobe through a large diffused beauty dish located to camera right. He was using…

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