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Is Buying A Used Car Online A Good Idea? – Photobook Photography Article

So you would have heard of endless horror stories about the mishaps of buying things online, about how someone ordered a washing machine and they got a box of rocks in the delivery. While these stories may have put you off about buying anything online, but you should know that these are one-off cases that usually happen if you do not go through a verified or trusted seller like Carswitch. You would be genuinely surprised to know that many people…

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6 Important things to check before selling your used car – Photobook Photography Article

Selling a car can be a nightmare if not done right. You could end up having a hard time selling the car, with so many things that could go wrong. Fret not! with CarSwitch you can sell your used car and upgrade to the newest model-all within the same day itself. However, there are several steps that you can take before putting your used car for sale: One of the first and foremost steps is that you must take before…

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Top 6 mistakes customers make when selling their car – Photobook Photography Article

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, your first time in the pre-owned car market can be a daunting experience. Don’t hasten the process by selling to the first buyer you get. As a seller you want to get a good price for your vehicle and have a hassle-free process From finding a suitable buyer to getting all the paperwork in place is no easy feat, this is where trusted dealerships like Carswitch come in the picture. If you…

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