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Quick Tip: Fine-Art Print Pricing Advice from 3 Photographers – Fine Art Photography Article

Quick Tip: Fine-Art Print Pricing Advice from 3 Photographers Determining how to price and edition your fine-art prints can be difficult, especially for emerging photographers. Fortunately, there is plenty of information available that can help photographers make informed decisions, as we explain in “Tips for Editioning and Pricing Fine-Art Photographs.” For most photographers, the best approach to fine-art print pricing is to ask experts, and observe how other photographers set prices on their editions. When commercial photographer Reuben Wu decided…

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You Must Do. Advice for New Grads + Anyone at a Crossroads – Photography Article

Meet Jordy, a 23 year old soccer player and student, who’s trying to find his way and figure out what to shoot for after college and how to get there. He’s optimistic, excited, and at a crossroads in his life. He’s just like I was at his age, and is probably just like you are now or have been in the past. In this raw, gritty, intimate, and windy 28 minute conversation we talk about what it takes to create…

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