Canon M6 Mark II is Like a 90D with a Mirrorless Camera Body – Photography Article

In addition to the new 90D crop DSLR, Canon today also announced the EOS M6 Mark II crop mirrorless camera. The new M6 Mark II is basically a 90D in a mirrorless camera body. “Bringing the controls and functionality of a Canon EOS DSLR into a compact mirrorless camera, the EOS M6 Mark II is destined to wow advanced-amateur photographers,” Canon says. The M6 Mark II shares many of the same core features and specs as the 90D. You’ll find…

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Canon Leaks Full Product Brochures for the Canon 90D and EOS M6 Mark II – Photography Article

Canon Australia sprung a massive leak last night, when the product pages for the un-released Canon 90D and Canon EOS M6 Mark II both went online by accident. We’ve already shared the promo videos for both cameras that were posted there, but that wasn’t all—Canon leaked its own product brochures, too. There’s very little mystery left about either of these two cameras, which are allegedly scheduled to be announced next week. We don’t know the exact release date, sales start…

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