Sony Unveils New Flagship a6600 and Entry-Level a6100 APS-C Cameras – Photography Article

After weeks of rumors and speculation and leaked specs, Sony has finally unveiled the two APS-C mirrorless cameras we’ve been expecting: the flagship Sony a6600 with IBIS and a bigger battery, and the entry-level Sony a6100 for photographers and vloggers on a budget. Sony a6600 The hero product from today’s announcement was, no doubt, the long-awaited Sony a6600. The flagship APS-C mirrorless camera officially replaces the Sony a6500, and boasts all of the latest autofocus technology that was missing from…

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Hasselblad Celebrates 50 Years on the Moon with 907X Special Edition – Photography Article

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing—which took place on July 20th, 1969—Hasselblad has announced that it will make a Special Edition matte black version of its 907x camera body and CFV II 50c digital back with a commemorative “On the Moon Since 1969” plate on the side. As the 50th anniversary of the moon landing approaches, Hasselblad has been keen to remind anybody who will listen that Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon were taken…

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