7 Tips to Improve Your Landscape and Travel Photography Marketing Skills – Photography Article

Landscape and travel photography marketing is one area that photographers often find particularly hard. But if you want your photography business to grow, you have to know how to market yourself and your work. When discussing work with my colleagues, a question that almost always comes up is: “How did he or she get that job?” In a word: marketing. I talk about two major points in my photography marketing workshops. Marketing in a Nutshell The first point is that…

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For Pro Photographers, the Hustle Never Ends – Photography Article

“It was constant hustle for me the first three years (in business) full time.” I read this quote from a photographer-turned-business coach. It was advice in a Facebook group. I’m not certain the question that elicited this reply, but it doesn’t really matter. The statement stands alone. And if the response from this photographer-turned-business coach had been: “It’s been constant hustle since day one.” OR “I’ve never stopped hustling.” OR “Girl, get some comfy shoes and stock up on wine,…

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