Instagram Will Now Warn You Before it Disables Your Account – Photography Article

Yesterday, Instagram announced two changes to its “Account Disable Policy.” The first will enable Instagram to disable offending accounts more easily; the second means you’ll now get a warning before your account is shut down. Instagram’s previous “Account Disable Policy” kicked in only when an account had crossed some threshold of “violating content.” Once you crossed that percentage, your account would be disabled, no questions asked or warnings given. Over the years, we’ve seen photographers of all stripes fall on…

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Instagram’s New Anti-Bullying Tools Let You Shadow Ban Rude Followers – Photography Article

Yesterday evening, Instagram announced two new anti-bullying features that it’s calling “two steps on a longer path” towards “leading the industry in the fight against online bullying.” The first feature—which has not been released to the public just yet—is the ability to shadow ban (AKA ghost ban) individual followers/accounts. Instagram is calling this feature “Restrict,” and it allows you to … well … restrict an account so that only you and that user will be able to see their comments…

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