Building Envelope Inspections

Aerial Infrared Survey on Commercial Roof in Miami, FL | – Aerial Photography Article

The metropolitan Condominiums in south Miami is one of many buildings in Florida that experienced extensive water damage caused by the hurricanes from the last 2 years. This sky rise is located just south of downtown Miami right off the water. We were brought in by the estimating company tasked with putting together the cost to properly repair the property from the water intrusion. Our roll specifically was to provide a roof condition assessment to identify where moisture is present…

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The Davis Building- Detailed Building Envelope Aerial Imaging | – Aerial Photography Article

The Davis Building is a unique building full of history located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas. The property was acquired by a Dallas oilman named Tim Headdington and is currently under renovation to convert the 183 apartment lofts into 213 luxury rentals. The Davis building was originally constructed back in 1926 and was converted to apartments back in 2003. Many developers have taken these old vacant buildings and made them into high end hotels, office buildings and apartments.…

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