This is Why You Should Always Be Checking Your Camera Strap Anchors – Photography Article

Always (always always) check your camera’s anchor points when you have your gear attached to a strap. As photographer Tamara Zawada recently learned the hard way, even the best gear can fail without you even noticing there’s a problem. Zawada’s Sony a7R III and Sigma 85mm ART lens were attached to one of the latest PeakDesign straps using the latest V4 anchors when, without warning, one of the anchors snapped. She posted about her experience on Reddit, warning other photographers…

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This is Why You Don’t Put Your Camera on a Ledge – Photography Article

If you ever need to set your camera down temporarily, make sure you choose a safe place with as little gravitational potential energy as possible. It seems one photographer learned this lesson the hard way and paid a dear price. Photography Memes just shared this 14-second video that will make your face cringe and your heart skip a beat: The photographer set his camera down on the rail above stairs while setting up for a shoot. Upon opening up his…

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