Photographer Turns a Skyscraper Into a Giant Camera – Photography Article

Brendan Barry is a UK-based photographer who’s known for turning all kinds of unusual things into working cameras, from food and mannequins to shipping containers and camper trailers. But his latest project was his most ambitious yet — turned a Manhattan skyscraper into a giant camera. Barry took over the 46th floor of a skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan and blacked out the 27,000-square-foot space by covering up the 160 windows with a 360-degree view of the city. He then let…

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These Working Cameras Were Made With the Strangest Things – Photography Article

Brendan Barry is a UK-based large format photographer who has a curious passion for creating working cameras out of the most random everyday objects you could think of. ILFORD featured his work earlier this year, and here’s a look at some of his cameras and the photos they shoot. Bread A photo shot with the bread camera. Mannequin Honeydew Melon A photo shot with the honeydew melon camera. Abandoned Control Tower A photo shot with the abandoned control tower camera.…

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