500px Blog » Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Ueli, Jovana, Anthony, Amanda and Ilya – Photography Article

Last week, we introduced you to the 500px Ambassadors. A group of 20 talented photographers who are eager and excited to share their knowledge and skills with the 500px community. In this first of four articles in our Ambassador Spotlight series, we’ll take a closer look at who our Ambassadors are and how photography has changed their lives. This week we’re featuring: Ueli Frischknecht, Jovana Rikalo, Anthony Sotomayor, Amanda Carlson and Ilya Blinov. Why did you become a photographer?:“I love…

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500px Blog » Meet the 500px Ambassadors – Photography Article

With a global community of over 15 million photographers, it’s safe to say there is never a shortage of talent at 500px When it comes to choosing our Ambassadors, we look for community members who have a strong passion for photography and are constantly pushing past their creative boundaries. They are creators who are driven, eager, and excited to share their knowledge and skills with the 500px community. So without further ado, meet your Ambassadors! Favorite gear: Canon 6D and…

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Redemption and a Thirst for Change with Scott Harrison – Photography Article

Scott Harrison is the founder and CEO of one of my favorite non-profits:  charity:water which has brought clean water to 8.49 million people around the world. They’ve raised $320 million to date—and put it to good work. Scott just released his first book Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World and it’s about time. He’s an incredible storyteller and, both in his book and in this episode of the podcast, he…

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