The Problem with Camera Reviews by YouTubers – Photography Article

As for many other things, YouTube is a wonderful trove of opinion and information. This is certainly true for photographic interests. And a huge percentage of photographers are particularly interested in still photography, as opposed to videography. And herein lies the rub. Many (or perhaps even most) of the YouTube content creators for photographic sites are actually video enthusiasts, though they claim to be still photography oriented. But in most cases they make an effort to appear to be more…

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Some Thoughts on Lenses: A Different Perspective? – Photography Article

I recently arrived at what I think is a worthwhile insight into the lenses I use. The material that follows should become instantly obvious once read, but the several photographers I discussed this with all commented that they had never thought of the matter that way and that it was worth some thought. Those comments inspired me to share my viewpoint here. A lot of my shots are taken with relatively long focal lengths, typically from 60mm to 135mm on…

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