Woman Hospitalized After Posing with Venomous Octopus for Photo Contest – Photography Article

File this under “bizarre news of the day.” A Washington woman was forced to go to the hospital after she posed with a venomous octopus attached to her face to try and win a photo competition. As originally reported by KIRO 7 news, Jamie Bisceglia took the fateful picture on August 2nd at a Tacoma Narrows fishing derby. Some fishermen she met up with had hooked the octopus, and she decided to take a picture with it attached to her…

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This iPhone Thief Posted a Selfie to His Victim’s Instagram, Police Say – Photography Article

Here’s a bizarre story out of New Jersey: a man reportedly stole an iPhone and then proceeded to shoot a grotesque close-up selfie of himself to share on his victim’s Instagram account. Police are now widely distributing the strange selfie in hopes of identifying the man. A man reported to the Kearny Police Department in Kearny, New Jersey on May 16th that his iPhone had been stolen. Shortly afterward, the victim’s followers on Instagram were greeted with a story featuring…

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