Can You Shoot Professional Bird Photos on a Budget? – Photography Article

Bird photography—or any wildlife photography, really—is one of the most expensive genres you can get into. A professional birding setup can easily cost you $20,000+. But can you can similar results for 10x less? Bird photographer Jan Wegener decided to find out. In the video above, Wegener put his ~$20,000 setup—Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM, Gitzo Tripod, Wimberley Gimbal Head, and some flash accessories—up against a ~$2,000 kit consisting of a used Canon 5D…

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I Photograph Birds in My Backyard by Setting Up Stages – Photography Article

Last year I joined my local photography club. The club holds regular competitions and I was amazed by the quality of the bird and wildlife photographs. I’ve never been much of a natural history photographer. So it’s not surprising that my own photographs did very poorly in competitions. In particular, a judge criticized a woodpecker photograph that I submitted because it was clearly on a bird feeder. “Hand of man!” he said as he dismissed my attempt. A not-very-natural natural…

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This Bird Has Impressive Built-In Image Stabilization – Photography Article

Drones these days often feature mechanical gimbals to stabilize their cameras while in flight. But long before consumer drones exploded onto the scene, birds were already taking to the skies with impressive built-in image stabilization. Designer and wildlife photographer Anthony Roberts was shooting with his Canon 5D Mark IV and his 100-400mm image stabilized lens at South Stack on the UK island of Anglesey when he captured some neat footage of a male kestrel hunting in strong winds. Just look…

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