DJI Makes Formal Complaint Against BBC Over ‘Biased’ Drone Coverage – Photography Article

Drone maker DJI—the self-proclaimed “world leader in civilian drones”—has lodged a formal complaint against the BBC over two different pieces of investigative reporting on drones and drone safety. The complaint surrounds two programs: BBC Panorama’s “The Gatwick Drone Attack” that aired on April 15th, and BBC Horizon’s “Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones,” that aired July 1st. The first focused on a well-publicized incident at Gatwick Airport where drones forced the airport to close, costing millions and leading to a military…

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Time-lapsing political developments | Time-Lapse Systems – Time.Lapse Photography Article

With the recent three-day UK state visit from the President of the United States occupying the news agenda, we take a look at how time-lapse has been used to capture other political happenings. The ongoing discussion about politics and its social ramifications is discussed prevalently on television, so this seems like a good a place as any to begin. Politics Live, for instance, is a daily programme filmed at the BBC Westminster studio. Getting the space ready took a few…

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