Capturing Commercial Grade Product Photos in a Junkyard with One Light – Photography Article

Commercial photographer, director, and artist Isaac Alvarez of Unplug Productions recently set out to see if he could capture professional-grade commercial product photography with a single LED panel for light, and a junkyard as his “studio.” It seems the answer is yes… When someone says “product photography,” images of crowded studios with intricate multi-light setups probably come to mind. But Alvarez and the rest of the Unplug Productions team wanted to show their viewers “that you don’t need much gear…

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Are you too lazy for timelapse? Q&A VIDEO – Time.Lapse Photography Article

I’ve asked the members of my Facebook group to tell me what they want to know about timelapse and hyperlapse. Basically I wanted it for something else, but I find out the question are pretty cool for a Q&A video. So, here it is, my first ever Q&A video about timelapse and hyperlapse 🙂 Let me know what do you think and join my group to ask question for further videos! Here’s the group: Related Related Posts

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Is the External Monitor useful for the Hyperlapse? – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Today I want to take a look at a quite complex subject, which is whether the on-camera monitors are useful for the hyperlapse. As you probably know, I’m a Feelworld Master brand ambasador, so I’m testing their products for some time now. As my work mostly focuses on hyperlapse, in this post I’ll try to answer the question from the title: is the external monitor useful for a hyperlapser? I’m the Feelworld Master brand ambassador, but this is not a sponsored…

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