Camera Makers, Please Bring Back the Custom Focus Limiter – Photography Article

Back in the Sony SLT days, the company included an incredibly useful feature into the a99 Mark II called the Custom Focus Limiter. It allowed you to limit your autofocus to any distance range you wanted, and by golly, we wish it were still a thing. In the video above, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of DPReviewTV explain why they love this feature, and implore camera makers to add it back into their modern bodies. As they point out, focus…

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Develop An Eye For An Eye In Portraiture, Part 1 – Photography Article

Text & Photography By Russ Burden Published July 10, 2019 Updated July 15, 2019 Throughout the history of the art world, major changes and advancements have occurred. During the evolution, it’s seen both revolution and realignments. Regardless of the changes, one aspect has remained constant—portraiture has remained a common subject. Starting with petroglyphs of hunted animals to the hypnotic eyes and haunting smile of the Mona Lisa to snapshots of your loved ones to wildlife portraits made in the bush,…

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How to Avoid the ‘False Positive’ Autofocus Trap and Nail Sharp Eyeballs – Photography Article

Have you ever been disappointed to find the eyeballs of your subject to be not as sharp as you had expected even though your camera confirmed that autofocus had locked onto them? Photographer Steve Perry of Backcountry Gallery made this 9.5-minute video explaining how he avoids this “false positive autofocus trap” when focusing in tricky situations or on tricky subjects. “The dirty little secret is that the phase-detection AF system in our cameras just isn’t perfect,” Perry says. “Although it’s…

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