How I Capture Striking Time-Blended Astrolandscapes, and You Can Too – Photography Article

My name is Paul Schmit, and today I want to describe to you the journey that led to the time-blended astrolandscape you see above. You might recognize me from my recent marathon endeavor to capture the International Space Station crossing in front of the sun at sunrise. By day, I’m an award-winning theoretical physicist working at the frontiers of nuclear fusion research on the world’s most powerful electrical sledgehammer, the Z Machine. By night (quite literally) I’m an avid astrolandscape…

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Photographer Shares the Story Behind this Incredible Astrolandscape Photo – Photography Article

Two days ago, photographer Paul Schmit captured what he’s calling “the most difficult and technical astrolandscape shot I’ve ever planned and executed.” It’s an incredible shot, showing the ISS transiting the sunrise in front of some picturesque radio towers atop a mountain peak. This photo was weeks in the making, but Schmit tells PetaPixel he almost missed it. Schmit originally shared the story behind this shot in a Facebook post, where he did a good job of summarizing why this…

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