A Technical Look at Creating a Photo Restoration and Colorization AI – Photography Article

In this article, I’m going to tell a story of how we’ve created AI-based restoration project for old military photos. Editor’s note: This article is highly technical and will not be easy reading for most. What is “photo restoration”? It consists of three steps: 1. We find all the image defects: fractures, scuffs, holes; 2. We inpaint the discovered defects, based on the pixel values around them; 3. We colorize the image. Further, I’ll describe every step of photo restoration…

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Facebook AI Made This Hilariously Bad Friends Day Photo Slideshow – Photography Article

Facebook celebrated its 12th birthday back in 2016 by creating automatically-generated “Friends Day” videos for users showing up to 16 photos of themselves and their friends. But not all users got heartwarming videos — some were hilariously bad. The 1-minute video above, made for a guy named Tyler, was one of the fails that made headlines a few years ago and is now making the rounds again as an example of what happens when AI goes wrong. Instead of a…

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