Editing Your Very First Drone Video – Aerial Photography Article

Editing Your Very First Drone Video This is part 3 of an article for beginners who are trying to create drone videos using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. (Read Part 1 and Read Part 2.) So far we have learned about video formats, codecs, and containers, project frame rates, shutter speeds, color, filters, gimbal settings, proper SD cards, and a few flight tips for video.As far as editing software goes, you may hear a lot about Adobe Premiere Pro…

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Apple Kills Off the Last Non-Touchbar MacBook Pros, Discounts MacBook Air – Photography Article

Apple continued its trend of quietly updating its laptop lineup this week, releasing a few hardware updates for its MacBookPro and MacBook Air computers, while killing off the last of the non-touchbar MacBook Pro options. That’s right, if you want an old-fashioned keyboard with physical function keys, there is no longer a MacBook Pro model for you. If the loss of the function keys doesn’t bother you, the news is actually quite positive. Photographers who don’t need much in way…

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Apple Can Automatically ‘Correct’ Your Gaze in Video Calls on iOS 13 – Photography Article

iPhone users who have been testing the latest beta of iOS 13 have discovered a strange new feature. It’s called “FaceTime Attention Correction” and it uses automatic image manipulation to “fix” your gaze while video chatting. The feature does exactly what it sounds like. Even though you’re looking at the screen, not the front-facing camera, the person on the other end of the video chat sees you making direct eye-contact. It’s a little bizarre, as Will Sigmun, co-host of The…

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Apple’s MacBook Pro Battery Recall is No Joke, Here’s What Could Happen – Photography Article

A couple of weeks ago, Apple announced a recall of “a limited number” of Mid-2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros because “the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.” But if you thought that yours is probably fine and haven’t taken the time to check your serial yet, think again. As designer Steven Gagne recently discovered, the “fire safety risk” is very real. Apple announced the recall on Thursday, June 20th, and it was probably in response to reports…

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Apple Patents Watch Band with Built-In Camera – Photography Article

Apple has patented a new Apple Watch band that features a camera built into it. But unlike other bands with built-in cameras, this new Apple design allows the wearer to point the camera in all kinds of directions without having to bend the wrist. The patent (#10,331,083) is simply titled, “Watch band with optical sensor.” It was filed back in September 2016 but was just granted today. Instead of building the camera into the part of the band that hugs…

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Adobe Lightroom Lands in Apple’s Mac App Store – Photography Article

Adobe Lightroom is now available through Apple’s Mac App Store. It’s the first major Adobe Creative Cloud app to be made available in the app store, which was revamped when Apple launched macOS Mojave last year. The app is the new cloud-based Lightroom, not the popular desktop/laptop-centric app that was formerly known as Lightroom before being renamed to Adobe Lightroom Classic. Lightroom is a free download from the Mac App Store and is included in your plan if you subscribe…

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iPhone Portrait Tips by Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson – Photography Article

[youtube] Want to get creative with shooting portraits using just your smartphone? Apple made this 3-minute video with advice and inspiration for shooting iPhone portraits from award-winning Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson. “Award-winning photographer and photojournalist Christopher Anderson is known for his magnetic portraiture,” Apple says. “He strives for emotive and timely elements in his compositions. In this feature, Anderson shows us how to advance beyond technical precision to disrupt the portrait.” The video itself is in vertical orientation —…

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What’s New With the iPhone’s Camera and Photos Apps in iOS 13 – Photography Article

[youtube] The 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off in San Jose yesterday, and Apple made several major announcements (including the new Mac Pro and 6K display) during the keynote presentation. One of the unveilings was for iOS 13, and a number of big improvements are coming to the iPhone’s Camera and Photos apps. Portrait Lighting Apple is “taking portrait lighting to a new level.” There’s a brand new Camera Portrait Lighting effect called High-Key Mono. Portrait Lighting effects…

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iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons – iPhone Photography Article

iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons I wondered to what extent camera apps create different images of the exact same composition when using my iPhone X camera hardware. Do they all call the same hardware functions and therefore produce the exact same image? Or, do app-specific incantations exist that voodoo the image into existence creating variance in the rendered images of the same compositions? Unsure, I decided to conduct an experiment and write this post: iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons.…

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Dapper Pony | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

Dapper Pony | iPhone Photographer Dapper Pony Posted by David Pasillas on December 7, 2016 Posted in: iphoneography. Tagged: apple, apps, farm, horse, iPhone, iphone 7, iPhoneography, maine, new england, outdoors, photography, Photos, proshot, snapseed, snow, winter. I went for a walk around the farm, while it was snowing, the other day. I thought I was going to shoot the fresh snow on the trees, but some areas were too icy to risk walking through. Instead, my girlfriend and I…

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George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography – Fine Art Photography Article

George Wheelhouse | Fine Art Nature Photography IPAD CAMERA CONNECTION KIT I have “The New iPad”, AKA “iPad 3”. I use it to review photos after a shoot. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about my workflow, but haven’t yet gotten around to it. Suffice to say that at the end of the day, I use Apple’s Camera Connection Kit to copy photos directly from my camera (currently a Nikon D800) to my iPad, where I can quickly…

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