The Silliest Online Reviews of Beautiful Landscape Photo Spots – Photography Article

Our lives are ruled by ratings. We 21st-century humans seem to spend an inordinate amount of our time attaching star ratings to stuff for the benefit of complete strangers. We rate comments, we rate photographs, we rate articles, we rate products and we rate places. Such is the modern obsession with ratings that it impacts our experience of a thing or a place, either because we are influenced by others views or because we’re so keen to share our own…

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Has Social Media Turned Photography Into a Contest With No Closing Date? – Photography Article

Being a photographer used to be pretty simple. You had a camera, you had a subject you liked photographing, and you used to go out with your camera and photograph the subject you liked. And apart from perhaps showing off the occasional print at the local camera club to a group of like-minded tragics, that’s probably about as far as it went. Then social media arrived and, as with so many aspects of this modern connected life of ours, everything…

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