It’s 5 Feet Wide and Took 5 Years to Make – Photography Article

When you’re building the world’s largest digital camera, to power one of the world’s most impressive telescopes, you’re going to need to manufacture one of the world’s most incredible lenses. That’s how this massive, 5.1-foot wide optic—the largest high-performance optical lens ever made—came to be. Th 3.2-gigapixel camera being built for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) was thought up over a decade ago. But after getting the green light in 2011, and securing funding in 2015, it was off…

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Photographer Captures Incredible Photo of Sea Lion Trapped in a Whale’s Mouth – Photography Article

Last month, wildlife photographer Chase Dekker captured an incredible moment on camera. While he was photographing humpback whales lunge feeding on Monterey Bay, he captured the moment when an unlucky sea lion got trapped inside a whale’s mouth. Dekker has been photographing these kinds of feeding frenzies for years, but he tells PetaPixel that he had never seen anything like this. “Typically what happens is the sea lions are at the surface as they don’t dive as long and as…

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500px Blog » Abstract Street Photography That Captures The Look & Feel of Fading Memories – Photography Article

Alan Humphris‘ journey into the world of abstract photography began with a trip to Tibet in 2000. It was then he discovered he had “an eye for it,” as they say, and from that moment on he’s dedicated his time to exploring, developing, and honing the ways he captures moments and memories. This exploration has treated him well as he’s slowly but surely discovered a style of abstract photography that immediately caught OUR eye when we first saw it. His…

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