The Problem with Many of the ‘Photographers’ on YouTube – Photography Article

Professional event photographer and photography teacher Mik Milman recently published a video that’s bound to receive some mixed reactions. In it, Milman laments the dearth of experience of many photographers who pass themselves off as “experts” on YouTube, earning thousands of followers and possibly misleading beginners by offering bad advice and unqualified critiques. Controversial as the topic might be, Milman does a good job of keeping the video from turning into a “get off my lawn” rant. He’s simply pointing…

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My Most Infuriating Photoshoot Ever – Photography Article

Recently, I worked one of the most frustrating shoots I have ever had to endure. In my day job, I work with amateur prospective models doing test shoots. Most of the people I work with have never modeled and have rarely even stepped into a photography studio before. Despite this, the people I work with tend to understand the relationship and the unspoken code. When you’re the model, it’s good etiquette to listen to direction and to trust that the…

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Amateur with Fuji GFX 50R Takes On Pro with Google Pixel 3 – Photography Article

The folks over at popular tech channel Linus Tech Tips recently did something fun. They combined your standard Amateur vs Pro photography challenge with the Pro Gear vs Smartphone trope to answer a different kind of question: Can a rote amateur with an expensive camera beat a professional who’s using only a smartphone? For this video, the amateur was Linus himself using a mirrorless medium format Fujifilm GFX 50R, and the professional he’s pitted against is Linus Tech Tips cinematographer…

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