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Aerial Work July 2019 – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

Aerial work July 2019 for Skylark Aerial Photography has been very varied and busy. Aerial survey, roof inspection, TV filming, property shoots, commercial property shoots, boat cruises, holiday cottage shoots to property developments. Variety is what it is all about for Skylark Aerial Work July 2019. We are also pleased to see that the aerial survey work is now making up at least 50% of the workload, with another contract signed for more national water pipeline survey. Some of which…

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The Game Changer – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

The Game Changer The Mavic Pro 2 changed all this. Along comes a drone with an excellent camera and the airframe is bustling with obstacle avoidance technology. We all know how good the Mavic Pro 2 is for external filming. But there is little written out there which goes into a little detail about its capability for internal shoots. Well we are about to change that. Within 6 months here at Skylark we have already carried out over 15hrs of…

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