How to Trick Instagram’s Algorithm for Higher Engagement (Maybe) – Photography Article

In mid-2016, Instagram started using an algorithm to order the photos you’re shown, which was a big change from the simple chronological feed that had been used since the beginning. If you’re not happy with the reach and engagement your photos on getting on Instagram, there’s a rumored trick you may want to try. Here’s the rumor: Instagram’s algorithm is said to favor photos that have had Instagram’s own filters applied to them, even if the filters are applied so…

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Algorithms Replaced Gatekeepers and Lowered the Bar on Quality – Photography Article

The rise of social media has had a massive impact on the art we see, consume, and interact with on a daily basis. Some of that impact was positive, some negative, but one of the most radical changes has also been one of the most detrimental: the demise of the gatekeepers. Gatekeepers were the tastemakers of the past: the magazine editors, television produces, publishing executives, and gallery curators. In other words, the people who decided what work was seen and…

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This Software Can Undistort Faces at the Edges of Wide-Angle Photos – Photography Article

If you’ve ever found yourself at the edges of a group photo captured with a wide-angle lens, you may have noticed some strange stretching, squishing, and/or skewing that distort your face. Researchers have now created software that can automatically fix these wide-angle face distortions without affecting other parts of the photo. In a paper titled “Distortion-Free Wide-Angle Portraits on Camera Phones,” a group of researchers at Google and MIT led by YiChang Shih introduce a new algorithm they created that…

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