Al Ula

SUSIE of ARABIA: Madein Saleh – Photobook Photography Article

The tombs at Madein Saleh were carved by hand with crude tools into the gigantic sandstone rocks outside of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.  Some tombs were never completed, but those that were all have one design element in common – above the entry door into the tomb, were stairsteps which were to lead the occupant of the tomb to heaven. Historically this whole area was in a strategic trade route location linking southern Arabia with important locations to the north,…

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SUSIE of ARABIA: Winter at Tantora: A Magical Mystical Tour – Photobook Photography Article

Winter at Tantora is an incredible event like none other ever before here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Amidst the stark picturesque beauty of the city of Al Ula, an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Winter at Tantora Festival started on December 20th and will run through February 9th.  Each weekend concert over the eight weeks features a different theme high quality entertainment spectacular followed by a magnificent feast matching the theme of the evening. The venue for…

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