Photoflash Bombs Were Once Used to Light Nighttime Aerial Photos – Photography Article

Digital cameras can see in color in near darkness these days, but decades ago, there were very different solutions for capturing usable photos at night. One example is the photoflash bomb, a special type of bomb that was designed specifically to explode in midair and illuminate the world below for aerial photos. The photoflash bomb was commonly used by military spy planes to capture images of the ground at night from higher (and safer) altitudes. From the outside, they looked…

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DJI Makes Formal Complaint Against BBC Over ‘Biased’ Drone Coverage – Photography Article

Drone maker DJI—the self-proclaimed “world leader in civilian drones”—has lodged a formal complaint against the BBC over two different pieces of investigative reporting on drones and drone safety. The complaint surrounds two programs: BBC Panorama’s “The Gatwick Drone Attack” that aired on April 15th, and BBC Horizon’s “Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones,” that aired July 1st. The first focused on a well-publicized incident at Gatwick Airport where drones forced the airport to close, costing millions and leading to a military…

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Topshot with a Great Start to 2019 – Aerial Photography Article

16 Tech Listing Jackson IG wanted to collaborate and come up with a fun way to promote their newest listing near 16 Tech in downtown Indianapolis. We helped them include some renderings of the new project, illustrate nearby amenities, and some future developments that will be appealing to commercial buyers. This video provides an opportunity to show the listing in ways never thought of before. Using drones allows us to get a birds eye view and editing that footage gives us…

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