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Topshot with a Great Start to 2019 – Aerial Photography Article

16 Tech Listing Jackson IG wanted to collaborate and come up with a fun way to promote their newest listing near 16 Tech in downtown Indianapolis. We helped them include some renderings of the new project, illustrate nearby amenities, and some future developments that will be appealing to commercial buyers. This video provides an opportunity to show the listing in ways never thought of before. Using drones allows us to get a birds eye view and editing that footage gives us…

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Drones in Real Estate: Crafting the Perfect Marketing Package – Aerial Photography Article

You may have noticed that drones are becoming something of a common sight when homes go on the market. It’s safe to say there is somewhat of a marketing revolution underway in the real estate industry. Professionals are turning to drone photography and video to gain a marketing edge more frequently now than ever before. The Federal Aviation Administration lifted restrictions on drone piloting in 2016 – meaning aerial drones are approved for commercial use, opening them up to a…

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5 Top tips for High Quality Aerial Photos – Aerial Photography Article

I have been working as a commercial drone operator for the past 18 months and have put together these 5 top tips for producing the best quality aerial videos, I will be releasing 5 further top tips in the coming weeks around taking the best aerial photos:ND FiltersThis advice is applicable for Aerial Videos but NOT Aerial Photos, I never use ND Filters for Aerial Images as they are not needed but these are a must for video footage on…

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