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Orthomosaic Mapping and Photomapping, Part 2 – Aerial Photography Article

This 40-acre cornfield is a composite of 326 photos Part 1 focused on orthomosaic photogrammetry maps – our high-tech mapping service that delivers image files with embedded position and altitude information for each pixel. Another service that we provide – photomapping – uses a more familiar image processing technique known as photo stitched panorama. Although the photo collecting technique is similar to orthomosaic mapping, position and altitude information are tossed in favor of the less complicated panorama image processing. We…

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Orthomosaic Mapping and Photomapping, Part 1 – Aerial Photography Article

Aerial Drone Photography is the Ideal Technology for Orthomosaic Mapping and Photomapping! Digital Elevation Model Topographical Map Realm of Possibilities In this article, the term orthomosaic mapping is used to describe the orthomosaic photogrammetry mapping technique, which is a computationally-intense method that yields position and altitude information for each pixel in the map. The term photomapping is used to describe the use of photostitching software to generate large panoramic maps. Our orthomosaic map deliverables include: ultra-high resolution 2D maps, 3D…

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Instant Photo and File Delivery, Update – Aerial Photography Article

We have improved our method to deliver your photo and video files, so this is an update to our blog “Instant Photo and File Delivery,” posted in March. We Deliver Your Files via Google Drive We Deliver Your Photos and Videos Fast! Often, our clients are on site so when we finish our aerial drone photography session we copy the files to the client’s computer or deliver them on a USB thumb drive. When the client is not on site,…

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What Should I Expect To Pay For Aerial Drone Photography Services? – Aerial Photography Article

Let’s Start With Some of the Costs of Running a Business . . . The Business Aspect of Aerial Drone Photography . . . specifically, our drone photography business. There are many operating costs spread across aerial photography operations. They include: drone hardware, accessories, digital camera, camera glide, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, software, office expenses, Internet access, desk phone, mobile phone, aviation liability insurance, FAA certification, transportation, accounting, banking, taxes, etc. These costs are spread across all of our services.…

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Zoom-in With a Fixed Lens Camera – Aerial Photography Article

Zoom-in With Your Drone’s Fixed Camera Lens At one time or another, everyone has had situations where zooming in on a video clip adds that finishing touch. Whether it’s for effect or for greater stand-off distance, the convenience of camera zoom takes your photography to the professional level. In this blog, I’ll show you how to get Full High Definition (1080p) results at a zoom factor of 1.4x using a fixed-lens camera. This is good information for venues like sporting…

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