aerial drone flight dynamics

This Crosswind is Driving My Drone Crazy – Aerial Photography Article

Heading Offset Due To Crosswind As mentioned in my 10/25/2018 blog, “Flying in High Winds – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?,” wind can affect your drone’s flight control system. In severe situations, its effects are immediately apparent on your screen, such as an image that bounces around. However, there’s another more subtle effect that can impact the quality of your videography, which you should know about. Review of Your Drone’s Flight Control System First, let’s review what keeps your drone…

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Zoom-in With a Fixed Lens Camera – Aerial Photography Article

Zoom-in With Your Drone’s Fixed Camera Lens At one time or another, everyone has had situations where zooming in on a video clip adds that finishing touch. Whether it’s for effect or for greater stand-off distance, the convenience of camera zoom takes your photography to the professional level. In this blog, I’ll show you how to get Full High Definition (1080p) results at a zoom factor of 1.4x using a fixed-lens camera. This is good information for venues like sporting…

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Flying in High Winds – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Aerial Photography Article

Wind Gusts Caused This Problem In this blog, we explain why we limit our flights to wind speeds of 10 mph or less. Seem drastic? Please read on; this is good information. Drone electronics are quite sophisticated, as they use inertial navigation to stabilize the drone’s camera so it’s almost free from the effects of wind patterns. However, there’s a design limit at which the stabilization reaches the “stops” and no longer holds the camera level. When the drone is…

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