Construction Guy Instagram Influencer Turns Out to Be Coffee Ad Stunt – Photography Article

A construction guy named Omar in Austin, Texas, became an “Instagram influencer” recently after attracting hundreds of thousands of followers to his @justaconstructionguy account with just a handful of photos. But it turns out the guy was a carefully crafted persona designed to help a small coffee shop sell coffee. After being created in May, the account shot to Insta-stardom when it was Tweeted out by Twitter user @barbzlovescarbs, who purported to be Omar’s daughter. In his photos and captions,…

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Creative Cockroaches, Standing Out + the Truth About Your Best Creative Work – Photography Article

A short while ago I had the great pleasure of taking the stage at the Seattle Interactive Conference with my dear friend and creative superstar Cal Mcallister (Founder, Wexley School for Girls + Paper Crane Factory) for a very pointed conversation on inspiration, unlocking your best creative work, and how the eff to stand out in today’s noisy, crowded market.  Hint:  it’s not what you think. IMHO this conversation oozes with value specifically because both Cal and I are:  …

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