Solo Women Van Dweller – Do you feel safe? – iPhone Photography Article

Why I love van dwelling! Do I feel safe? Before answering this question I would like to share some of my history.  As a child I was never a girly girl. In fact the one photo of me playing with dolls as a child was posed. I preferred to play outside, run, climb trees, ride bikes, and build campfires in the many campgrounds we visited in Washington State.  In my teens I sometimes rode a unicycle to jr high school…

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  Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: My Journey as a Solo Woman Van Dweller – iPhone Photography Article

Teri Lou and her Artistic Adventurer Van My life dramatically changed in 2017 and so it was time to expand teriloublog.com to better express my artistic adventures.  This blog now includes: vanlife, photography and other thoughts as I meander through life. My goal is to educate, encourage and inspire people to fulfill their dreams.At one time, as my daughters grew up, I was a more traditional woman with routines that didn’t change much day to day, year to year. Then…

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