How Much RAM Do You Really Need to Edit Photos in Lightroom? – Photography Article

How much RAM do you really need to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom? 8GB? 16GB? 32GB? And how much of a difference would upgrading your current system actually make? Ryan of Signature Edits decided to find out, and he’s put together a helpful comparison video to share his results. In the video above, Ryan starts out by covering what RAM does and doesn’t do. Some less tech-y types tend to think that “More RAM” always equals “Better Performance,” but that’s…

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How to Speed Up Adobe Lightroom Without Buying Better Hardware – Photography Article

Adobe updated Lightroom with GPU Accelerated Editing a couple of weeks ago, helping to give your workflow a boost. But if your Lightroom Classic is still running too slow for your taste, this video will help you squeeze out more performance without upgrading to the latest Mac or adding better hardware to you PC. The video was put together by our friend Pye over at SLRLounge, and there are nine tips in all. Even if you’re pretty familiar with Adobe…

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Adobe Updates Lightroom with GPU Accelerated Editing – Photography Article

Adobe has officially released their August Photography update for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, which is focused on “performance and improving your workflow.” The update adds several little improvements, but the most intriguing update is the addition of GPU Accelerated Editing. To say Adobe Lightroom Classic CC has been plagued by slow performance is an understatement. It’s a constant complaint from Lightroom users that has pushed many photographers to at least try alternatives like Capture One Pro. Major performance updates,…

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