Canon is Developing a Mirrorless-to-DSLR ‘Converter’: Report – Photography Article

One of Japan’s largest newspapers has published a report that contains two very interesting tidbits for Canon mirrorless shooters. First, they claim that Canon will release a 1D X-level EOS R in 2021; and second, the report revealed that Canon is working on some sort of ‘converter’ that can turn a mirrorless camera into a DSLR. The report was published in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, and it seems to confirm rumors that Canon is preparing a high-end EOS R camera that…

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Techart Unveils the World’s First Sony E to Nikon Z Autofocus Lens Adapter – Photography Article

The lens adapter company Techart PRO has announced the world’s first Sony E to Nikon Z autofocus adapter. The new adapter (TZE-01) is ultra-thin due to the 2mm difference in flange distance between the Sony E and Nikon Z mounts. Techart had to somehow cram a CPU chip into the tiny adapter, which measures just several millimeters thick total, and this chip can translate the signals between Sony lenses and Nikon cameras. Autofocus, auto-aperture, and lens stabilization capabilities are all…

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