Here’s an Apple Ad for iPhone 11 Pro’s Triple-Camera System – Photography Article

Apple just released this 38-second commercial touting the benefits of the new triple-camera system found in the newly announced iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro and its triple-camera system. The ad shows a photo shoot with a dog in a sci-fi-style wind tunnel. We see the different field-of-views that can be captured with the three cameras: The 2x view captured with the 12MP 52mm f/2 telephoto camera: The 1x view captured with the 12MP 26mm f/1.8 wide camera: The…

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This Vivitar Film Camera Commercial Didn’t Age Well – Photography Article

Here’s a commercial Vivitar ran about a decade ago to convince older picture-takers to switch back to simple film cameras from the frustrating world of digital. The TV spot, produced by Blue Moon Studios and shared to its YouTube channel in 2010, bemoans the changes in photography brought on by the digital revolution. “Digital cameras take good pictures,” the ad says. “The problem is, your photos end up staying your camera, or you’re forced to sit at your computer to…

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