Photographer Speaks Out About ‘The Dark Side of Modeling’ – Photography Article

After the recent allegations of harassment and assault against celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde, fashion photographer Jessica Kobeissi decided to use her platform on YouTube to speak out against what she’s calling “the dark side of modeling” and share some of the horrifying stories she’s heard from models she works with. The hour-long video that resulted is, at times, distressing. From offensive or harassing text messages and Instagram DMs all the way to horrifying accounts of abuse, the stories that Kobeissi…

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Instagram Will Now Warn You Before it Disables Your Account – Photography Article

Yesterday, Instagram announced two changes to its “Account Disable Policy.” The first will enable Instagram to disable offending accounts more easily; the second means you’ll now get a warning before your account is shut down. Instagram’s previous “Account Disable Policy” kicked in only when an account had crossed some threshold of “violating content.” Once you crossed that percentage, your account would be disabled, no questions asked or warnings given. Over the years, we’ve seen photographers of all stripes fall on…

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