I Found an Abandoned ‘Palace’ in the Desert, It’s Actually a Gameshow Set – Photography Article

While exploring the southern, lesser-known part of the Jordanian desert Wadi Rum, I notice a remarkable, palace-like structure sitting on a high, rocky cliff. The view reminded me of a scene from the classic Oscar-winning film Lawrence of Arabia. It just lacked camel caravans and people. Who lived in such a place and why did they decide to abandon it? Perhaps the abandoned structure was the set for a film I was unfamiliar with. The harsh background recalls those against…

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Discovering Century-Old Dry Plate Photos – Photography Article

In my work travels, I recently met someone who gave me an interesting gift. Several years back he had been driving down a back road in Virginia and came across an old, abandoned farmhouse. He stopped and peeked in to see if anyone was using the place (you can’t be too careful about what you run across that looks abandoned these days), and saw only cobwebs. He went in and found an interesting box by Seed’s Dry Plates. The company…

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  Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: Palouse Abandoned House Photography Tour – iPhone Photography Article

Palouse Photography Tours with Teri Lou It was a busy summer and therefore my blogging came to a stand still. My goal for next month is to get back to it! As most of you know who follow my Facebook posts I became a grandma to Brayson John and my youngest daughter was a bride just last week. I also was thrilled to visit the Palouse several times as a tour leader.Speaking of touring the Palouse… I recently launched a…

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