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Keep up with key trends in Licensing with 500px’s Art Director, Karen Biilmann, as she analyzes common threads and current themes found throughout our Exclusive Contributor photography submissions. From minimal styling to accessible food, here’s what’s trending in the 500px Licensing Collection. Food photography is an essential part of the food industry, becoming a movement in itself. Photographers and Instagrammers alike are taking a proud claim to the official label of ‘foodie’. This trend has created an evolution in English…

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In the last ten years, the market for newborn photography has reached new heights. Millennials are driving a whole new movement towards documenting these early memories — and sharing them with loved ones through social media. In 2015, Vogue reported that newborn photography had officially gone “mainstream,” and this year, viral baby photoshoots reminded us that this genre is still evolving in terms of breadth and creativity. Here are our top tips for photographing babies. 1. Prioritize the baby’s comfort…

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