Fujifilm XC 35mm f/2 first look preview – jonasrask|photography – Black & White Photography Article

[ad_1] Fujifilm XC 35mm f/2 first look preview – jonasrask|photography First of all happy new year! I took a well deserved break from blogging since my review on the 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 back in late November of 2019. But this is a new decade, and behold – the first gear writeup of the new century on my blog is yet again a 35mm lens writeup.I will not deny the fact that I have two favourite focal lengths on APSC. One…

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The 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 review – jonasrask|photography – Black & White Photography Article

[ad_1] The 7artisans 35mm f/1.2 review – jonasrask|photography Hey! So it’s been a long time since I did a little writeup on anything other than Fujifilm gear, but that is about to change!Last month saw the launch of the Fujifilm X-Pro3, which I had been very much involved in, and as a result I have been insanely busy doing all sorts of fun stuff because of that particular launch. The Pro3 should be making its way out into the hands…

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X-Pro3 – Vintage’d – jonasrask|photography – Black & White Photography Article

[ad_1] X-Pro3 – Vintage’d – jonasrask|photography As has become customary on this site of mine, I always end up writing a little about using vintage lenses on the newly released Fujifilm gear. With the release of the X-Pro3, this is no different! – In fact with the X-Pro3 I feel that it’s more relevant than ever since Fujifilm put some nice little features in the camera to aid in using our manual focus glass. Be they vintage or modern.I love…

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X-Pro3 – A different breed – First look extensive preview – jonasrask|photography – Black & White Photography Article

[ad_1] X-Pro3 – A different breed – First look extensive preview – jonasrask|photography FINALLY! That is about all I can say. Finally the cat is out of the bag. I know that the general public got a good preview of the X-Pro3 at the development announcement in Shibuya back in September. But now I can finally share my story about the magnificent X-Pro3 with you all.Truth is that I was introduced to this camera more than a year ago. Or,…

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Short Film Takes You Inside the ILFORD Factory to See How B&W Film is Made – Photography Article

[ad_1] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXpoALotxf0] UK-based film and photo paper manufacturer ILFORD Photo has released a new short film titled “Behind the Film” that takes you inside the HARMAN technology factory in the village of Mobberley, England, where all of the ILFORD and Kentmere B&W film, photographic paper and chemicals are made. The site featured in this film was first acquired by ILFORD in 1928, and the company has been making its black-and-white film, paper and chemicals there ever since. The short…

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Lomography Unveils the First New Color Film Stock in Half a Decade – Photography Article

[ad_1] Lomography is making some major waves in the photo world today by unveiling the first brand new color negative emulsion to be released in half a decade. They’re calling it LomoChrome Metropolis, and ironically enough, the “color” it emphasizes the most is… black. “LomoChrome Metropolis pays homage to the mother of all colors: black!” reads the company’s announcement. “Search for rays of color in a sea of lightless skyscrapers, frame your subject as they trudge the streets of ghost…

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The Lightest Lens in Its Class – Photography Article

[ad_1] Sony has officially announced the much-anticipated and long-rumored FE 35mm f/1.8 lens for its full-frame mirrorless cameras. The lightweight new lens—which Sony claims “sets a new standard for portability”—will give Sony shooters an affordable, if slightly slower, alternative to the popular Sony Distagon T* FE 35mm f/1.4 ZA. Sony’s focus with this release seems to be weight and portability. At just 280g light and 77mm long, “the compact dimensions and light weight of this full-frame, large-aperture prime lens provide…

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Two Focal Lengths Every Prime Lover Should Own – Photography Article

[ad_1] In the world of photography, you’ll find people generally prefer primes or zooms. The main benefit to zoom lenses is that you can cover multiple focal lengths in one decent sized package. In saying this, there are some prime lenses that can work well for multiple purposes. Two of these are the 35mm and 85mm primes. Now just to be clear, like any article this doesn’t apply to all people. With the genres I shoot, these two lenses can…

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Fujifilm Warns of Fake Fujifilm Film That Can Mess Up Photo Labs – Photography Article

[ad_1] Fujifilm has issued a warning to customers warning of counterfeit Fujifilm 35mm film floating around in the market — film that will cause photographers headaches if used. In a notice published yesterday titled, “35mm film non-genuine goods illegally using FUJIFILM logo,” Fujifilm says that the counterfeit film was discovered after someone brought it to a photo lab in Japan. The roll of film was illegally using Fujifilm’s logo and purported to be Fujifilm 250D ISO 200 Color Negative Film.…

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